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Bravo Ontario; Forced Opioid Tapering is (Mercifully) Ending

Policymakers in Ontario are correcting a rule that should have never been instituted in the first place. They realized that forced tapering of pain medications is “arbitrary and inappropriate,” and decreed that physicians will no longer be required to wean patients off of prescription opioids. 

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Trump administration reportedly saved Walmart from facing criminal charges over opioid sales

Federal prosecutors in 2018 wanted to criminally charge Walmart over the company’s opioid sales, but top Trump administration law-enforcement officials killed that effort, a bombshell report says. The efforts to prosecute, represent yet another example of Justice Officials wanting to hold pharmacy retailers to account after changing rules, definitions and interpretations of existing regulations and standards. Redefining what constitutes excess in prescribing and dispensing opioids began around 2010 and did not become official until the publication of the 2016 prescribing guidelines from the CDC. Even then, this standard is incomplete and ambiguous, addressing prescribing standards only for opioid-naive patients and primary care providers.

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Ohio, Kentucky rank high on 3 ‘grim’ illicit drug trends, new patient tests show

With Ohio and Kentucky still entrenched in the addiction crisis, what should be done next? Experts, local leaders give their takes.         …

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Alcohol-Related Deaths Increase Nationwide

March 2020 Print this issue Health Capsule A recent study found that deaths involving alcohol more than doubled in the U.S. between 1999 and 2017.

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Opioid manufacturer reaches proposed $1.6 billion settlement

Mallinckrodt announced Tuesday that the proposed deal will resolve all opioid-related claims against the company and its subsidiaries if it moves forward. Plaintiffs would receive payments over an eight-year period to cover the costs of opioid-addition treatments and other needs.

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Meth is Back Like Never Before. Blundering Opioid Policies Largely to Blame.

“I cut it twice and it’s still too short” is an old carpenter’s joke about persistence coupled with incompetence. It’s a pretty good joke. But there is nothing remotely funny about the persistent incompetents who have caused both suffering and death by adhering to their idiotic plan of combating addiction by strangling the supply of prescription painkillers. It’s now the world’s worst-kept secret that the plan has failed on more levels than Super Mario Brothers. But there’s always room for “improvement.” So let’s hear it for PROP, the CDC, and the DEA for helping provide us with two epidemics of two really dangerous drugs – neither of which is medically useful (1) – in place of a far less dangerous class of medicinally necessary medicines.

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Coroner addresses increase in Franklin County's suicides, homicides and overdoses this year

Ohio data continues to show a reduction in prescribed opioids through tight control over supplies and prescribing. But these gains are not are translating to a reduction in drug overdose deaths as was initially stated. For the 1st two months of 2020, suicides are up 40% over 2019, showing no slow down in drug-related overdose deaths.

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Trump Administration Drug Budget for 2021: Pretty Much More of the Same

The Trump administration rolled out its proposed Fiscal Year (FY) 2021 National Drug Control Budget Tuesday, and it’s pretty much more of the same — $35.7 billion more, to be precise.

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Floridas Carfentanil Outbreak – Too Little Too Late?

As someone who has followed the opioid overdose problem since 2000, what stands out in this report from the CDC, dated February 6, 2020, is how far behind in policy we are in relationship to what is occurring in our communities. That’s not to imply the CDC has been unaware of a synthetic opioid problem, they have, as early as 2013, it’s just that current policy doesn’t reflect it. Instead, with regards to policy, we remain focused on hydrocodone and oxycodone, they are given preferential treatment in policy because they are the easiest to control. All you have to do is demonize them and thier prescribers often enought and before you know it, you’ve got everyone one looking in the worng place for a problem that’s somewhere else.

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NIH Give Center Stage to Bogus Research

After reading this report, I was enraged. Not only was the purported test biased towards labeling chronic pain patients as more prone to opioid misuse, but it also lacked any scientific and rational objectivity for making the claims.

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