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Social Media Tweet Leads NC Medical Board Demanding Surrender of a Professional License

Original article published March 10, 2020 by Pain News Network The State Medical Board of North Carolina has demanded the surrender of the DEA License from a practicing pain specialist based on a social media Tweet, the first event of its kind by all known accounts in this age of…

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Trump administration reportedly saved Walmart from facing criminal charges over opioid sales

Federal prosecutors in 2018 wanted to criminally charge Walmart over the company’s opioid sales, but top Trump administration law-enforcement officials killed that effort, a bombshell report says. The efforts to prosecute, represent yet another example of Justice Officials wanting to hold pharmacy retailers to account after changing rules, definitions and interpretations of existing regulations and standards. Redefining what constitutes excess in prescribing and dispensing opioids began around 2010 and did not become official until the publication of the 2016 prescribing guidelines from the CDC. Even then, this standard is incomplete and ambiguous, addressing prescribing standards only for opioid-naive patients and primary care providers.

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Newton’s Third Law and Opioid Hysteria

What’s wrong with this picture, plenty and you can do your part this fall by voting in the people who will sit down and have an honest conversation about such issues.

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Floridas Carfentanil Outbreak – Too Little Too Late?

As someone who has followed the opioid overdose problem since 2000, what stands out in this report from the CDC, dated February 6, 2020, is how far behind in policy we are in relationship to what is occurring in our communities. That’s not to imply the CDC has been unaware of a synthetic opioid problem, they have, as early as 2013, it’s just that current policy doesn’t reflect it. Instead, with regards to policy, we remain focused on hydrocodone and oxycodone, they are given preferential treatment in policy because they are the easiest to control. All you have to do is demonize them and thier prescribers often enought and before you know it, you’ve got everyone one looking in the worng place for a problem that’s somewhere else.

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NIH Give Center Stage to Bogus Research

After reading this report, I was enraged. Not only was the purported test biased towards labeling chronic pain patients as more prone to opioid misuse, but it also lacked any scientific and rational objectivity for making the claims.

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On the ground in Philly’s heroin scene

Chris Moraff talks with users to report what’s really happening on the ground in Philadelphia heroin trafficking. Unlike many media stories, which often report on the opioid problem based on second, third and even fifth hand information they collect from other medial outlets, Chris Moraff reports first hand by actually walking the streets of Philly, What you read here is not what you’ll hear from the CDC or any other government agency.

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Political Back Stabbing In Oklahoma Begins

The state is entitled to $829 million from settlements with drug companies or court orders. But so far, none of the money has been spent on opioid addiction treatment. Here’s where the money stands for each company or group.

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Fact check: Trump falsely claims to have 'saved' pre-existing conditions protections

Tami Luhby, CNN – Monday, he claimed credit for being “the person who saved Pre-Existing Conditions in your Healthcare” in a tweet blasting an ad by former New York City Mayor and 2020 Democratic candidate Michael Bloomberg that attacks the President’s record on health care.

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It’s Easier to Criticize Pain Patients Than to Criticize Drug Prohibition

Last week the Washington Post featured an article in the “Outlook” section by Dr. James D. Hudson, a pain management specialist, lamenting Americans’ “Dangerous Fear of Pain,” arguing that the efforts by doctors to make their patients “pain free” has largely contributed to the overdose crisis.

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Ohio Reports Record Lows on Prescription Opioid Use Part 3

Ohio State officials take great pride in their efforts to thwart opioid addiction, drug overdose deaths and their efforts are both noticable and commendable. Yet at a cost of nearly $7,000 per patient per year, it comes at a high price. Let’s review a score card and check that progress starting with an executive summary released by the State Board of Pharmacy on their PDMP system known as OARRS.

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