Dr. Kline Myth No. 1 – Anyone can become an Addict


Dr Kline speaks to the misinformation campaign around opioid addiction, it’s basis in genetics and how blurring the lines between addiction and physical dependence is a major cause behind our nations misplaced approach in addressing overdose deaths.

The medical use of opioids can lead to a physical dependence, but this is not addiction. Addiction occurs outside of this, in individuals who have a genetic predisposition to it by identification of the OPRM1 genetic variant. They are individuals who are not under the care of a physician, are “chasing a high”, have a compulsion to increase the dosage while combining opioids with other drugs of abuse. Discarding science is occurring at every level in our society, even in the research we perform around this issue.

Do opioid addicts experience physical dependence? Yes, but again it’s not monitored or managed by a physician. The addicts source of opioids is motivated to raise the dosage at the expense of the individuals well being, a physician on the other hand is not.

As Dr. Kline addresses at the start of this video, those who are most outspoken against the use of opioids in medical care, do so by throwing medical science out the window.