Medical Boards and Physician Practice Poll September 2019

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I have rebuilt the server, restored the website and after much testing, all appears to be back to normal. I apologize to those who previously took this poll prior to September 15, 2019, but that data was lost. I’ve updated and expanded this version to include issues from doctors who have paid the ultimate price in caring for chronic pain patients. Your responses will help them in their efforts to right the wrongs which have occured.

This expanded version includes items suggested by Dr. Arnold Feldmon and Dr. Linda Cheek of Doctors of Courage. Dr. Cheek is calling for volunteers to mail a questionnaire to legislative representatives in each state. Then follow up with candidate offices which don’t respond. Your efforts would be a short term investment of time. Designed to help the chronic pain community prepare for the coming elections and if you’re interested, follow the link above.

New and expanded topics

We added new questions, now totalling nearly fifty, which focus on Medical Boards, Law Enforcement and Clinic Practice issues. The survey is not intended for CPP alone, but anyone treated by a physician, or who has an interest in how government and law enforcement are responding to the opioid problem in this country.

When completed, the compiled results will be shared with those who are actively working to get legislators to listen to the chronic pain community. With the election just months away, it is important to that as a group, we are heard by those running for office. 

I’ve received a lot of feedback from well informed individuals with unique perspectives from the first survey, so I decided to add a feature at the end of this poll which will allow a patron to submit their own post and if approved, will be included alongside all posts on this site. This is your chance to be heard and as long as your post remains civil, it will be shared.

Thanks to all who continue to support these efforts.

1Medical Boards and Physician Practice Poll 2019
This poll uses conditional logic to present questions which are based on previous responses; therefore you may see some pages with no questions, keep clicking next to scroll through to the next available question. We will ask for your email address, it is used to ensure individuals respond only once to the poll. When the poll is completed, it will be discarded; at no time will it be shared or used to contact you without your permission.

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