Senate about to pass ‘opioid’ laws that are built on lies


Occasionally I find articles which have done the same or similar research I have and in doing so, draw many of the same conclusions. This post from Conservative Review by Daniel Horowitz is one of them.

Seeing how well government has mobilized to put a muzzle on the use of opiates by the chronic pain community makes ask, what’s kept them from doing the same with handguns and automatic weapons? After all opiates don’t kill people, people kill people, with stupidity ignorance and a criminal element.


Opioid prescriptions plummeted for years before the epidemic-level increase in drug deaths. The entire increase in drug deaths is due to illicit drugs flooding the market with the collapse of immigration enforcement and the advent of sanctuary cities around 2013-2014. Pain patients have relatively low rates of overdose, yet the whole legislative focus of the Senate is on further monitoring, restricting, and stigmatizing prescription drugs while ignoring 100 percent of the true problem.

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