Physician Leaders Raise Alarm on Oregon Forced Opioid Tapering Proposal


Rational prescribers speak up and take action in Oregon, as the anti-opiate zealots continue their irrational and ideological attacks on chronic pain patients.

With the incredible dedication and efforts of multiple clinicians and patients advocated for those in pain, we a submitted a letter to Oregon HERC expressing deep concerns about Oregon’s proposal to force a vulnerable group of its citizens to taper off of opioids. Special thanks go out to Andrea Anderson, Dr. Stefan Kertesz, Kate Nicholson, and Dr. Beth Darnall who did most of the heavy lifting. We submitted the letter for today’s meeting, March 14, 2019 and released the following press release below. There are several versions of the letter:

  • The full letter can be found here: Oregon HERC 3-7-19

  • We were required to trim that letter to 1000 words or less for the formal electronic submission. That letter can be found here: Oregon HERC 3-12-19

  • Amara Moon, Wendy Sinclair, and Terri Lewis – with Andrea Anderson’s help – separately solicited support from a large number of Oregonians to submit a separate letter endorsing our letter which can be found here: Oregon Patient Signatures for HERC

  • The press release (also copied below) can be found here: HERC Oregon Taper Press Release

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