What Doctors Say About CDC Opioid Guideline

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Pain News Network has been conducting a poll of CPP and healthcare providers on their views about the 2016 CDC Guidelines. A first of it’s kind to my knowledge, the results should be a wake up call for policy makers, hospitals and providers on how inappropriate and misguided that publication was.

Here are some comments from healthcare providers.


  • 83% No
  • 9% Yes
  • 8% Don’t know

There are reasonable elements to the guidelines which should be preserved. However, setting an upper dose limit, especially one so low, severely interferes with titrating the opioids to their most effective doses, which is often much higher than 90 MME, said a pain management doctor.

The guidelines became hard rules for many insurance companies and pharmacies. Patients with pain have suffered in consequence, said a palliative care doctor. 

I see chronic pain patients all day that do not have their pain well controlled. It is heart breaking, said another provider.

They are horribly ill-conceived. If we thought our previous approach to pain management was flawed, we surely will soon realize that these guidelines are worse, said a pain management physician.

A patient told me two weeks ago that his friend needs repeated (coronary bypass) surgery, but now the hospital system treats post-surgical pain with Tylenol. This is barbaric.

An addiction treatment doctor summed up his feelings about the guideline with two words: “Misguided and draconian.”

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