Sick of Suffering

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Wanting to take a more active role in fighting back against the ideological nearsightedness of the opiate opponents? Read on about Operation Starburst….

The lawsuits on cpp’s behalf are being filed! The cost to add your name to the suit is a postage stamp!! We need numbers! Please cross-file with other states that have a file# even though you do not live in that state. 

For more details on the challenges to the 2016 CDC guidelines see this post 

If you are a chronic pain patient and you are losing life-saving medications and would like to join the lawsuit…here you go! How to join the lawsuit. The instructions are as follows:

Go to
Click on Find Out More, then
Click on Motion to Join. 
The states are represented by their state’s flag.
Follow the instructions on the page
Fill out the paperwork 
Please join ALL states, so that we can get to the forty people needed for a class action lawsuit. 
Drop the finalized paperwork in the mail.

We do not have to go to any courthouses to join any of the lawsuits. It’s that simple. No money is necessary.

You can also follow the progress at

Thanks to everyone, and please remember to try to spread the word to all of the other states that have yet to file. If we get to 34 states filing, the law is automatically overturned. That’s our ultimate goal.


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